Superintendent's Notes

Superintendent Notes

By Randy Bruer


Taxes and School Levy

Our school levy for the 2019 Pay 2020 school year has decreased by -1%. This decrease is due to an increase of state aid towards Referendum Market Values. People who own Ag property or farm land will see a decrease due to the new Ag credit legislation in 2019. Ag credit will be used for Agriculture and timberland owners in 296 school districts to reduce bond debt taxes. This is a new property tax law only applied to Ag acres and timberland so the tax burden of school buildings is not a heavy burden on farmers. See table below. Our district has continued a lease levy from previous years which will be used to construct a Pre-K room, Special Education classroom or an extra classroom in the near future without an additional impact to property taxes. This has been a continued discussion with school board members.

Taxes Payable Year     Total Ag2school credit

2021                                        55%

2022                                        60%

2023                                        70%


Century 21 Grant

Our school is 1 of 4 School Districts to receive a grant for an after school program. This is the third year of the grant and we know students enjoy the program. Win-E-Mac, Waubun, Stephen-Argyle and Fosston were the recipients of this grant. Our school includes grades K-12 with an emphasis on 5-12. We will have a homework help time, intro to robotics, Lego competition, nutrition, fitness, stem and arts along with field trips and community work projects. We are seeking help after school if you would like to work some hours with students. Please call the school and speak with the Superintendent.


School Construction Class

The Construction class is building a new house this year. The house is located in back of the school if you would like to view the progress. The process takes time to arrange so if you are interested in a house in 2020, please call the Superintendent. If you have a plan for the next build, please give Nathan or myself a call.


Jessica Strom honored as one of the ‘Best’ in Minnesota

“MREA announces the 2019 Educators of Excellence and recognizes them for their passion, innovation and collaboration in achieving results for students across Greater Minnesota. Within minutes of Jessica Strom’s high school math class starts, it is clear that it is different. Students instantly stand, divide into small groups and take to whiteboards that encircle the room to begin finding as many ways as they can to solve a problem.” (MREA website) Jessica Strom has a flipped classroom. She has recorded multiple lessons on video for students to back up and listen to parts or all of it again to better understand the concepts of Math. Students will come the next day and apply what they have learned during class. This teaching approach is helping students who struggle in math become higher achievers because help is available for homework in school. Mrs. Strom also gives time to work with parents through districtwide Math Nights and support colleagues in her school district and across the northwest region.