Superintendent's Notes

Superintendent Notes
by Randy Bruer

A new school year is just around the corner. We will have some new students attending our school this year scattered throughout the grades. If you know of a family contemplating a school change, please ask them to come and visit. Open house will be on Wednesday, August 28th from 4:00-7:00 pm, so come and see our facility and meet our staff. New employees this year include Christina Prince, Elementary Music and Band.

Our school has just finished installing 70+ Heat pumps located above the ceilings in the school. These pumps have a 15 year life expectancy and distribute fresh, tempered air to classrooms and rooms in the school. This is a common issue in all schools built after 1990. The next project, in a few years, will be to update the school parking lot.

Fitness Room Renewal
If you had a membership to the School Fitness Center this past year, the fee you paid is only good until August 31, 2019. You will need to renew the membership fee by that date or your card will be deactivated until a payment is made. If you did not purchase a membership last year and would like one this year, please come to the District Office to fill out a membership application and fee. An access card will be issued at that time. Do not access the rest of the school after hours or an alarm will activate. The school has video cameras at entrances and hallways of the school to show access. Please call 218-563-2900 for any questions.

Important: Immunizations
Before a student can attend a Minnesota school, a child must have their immunizations up to date before the first day of school. These students include the Pre-school age 4, Kindergarten and Seventh graders. If you are in question, please call the school for information. The immunizations help every child in school to prevent illness and disease.

Patriot Pride Boosters
Under the schools interest, a new Patriot Booster Club has been created to support students in academics and activities. This group wants to invite parents and community members to get involved. The club will have a table at open house and will work with the Century 21 program to sponsor a hot dog and chips lunch at open house on August 28th from 4:00-7:00. The club has arranged for a Bouncey House Combo during open house so students can have fun while parents sign up for our Century 21, After School Program for activities and homework help. Both the summer and school programs provide activities and field trips during our program.

The club will fund raise, provide volunteers for academics and activities in school, sell Patriot clothing and sponsor some events during the school year. They have established a meeting time of the 2nd Tuesday of each month @ 6:30 to meet and discuss business. Make plans to attend.

Important; F & R application forms
I know you read and hear this announcement time and time again but I cannot stress enough how important these forms are to the school district to access funding for our school. Our school lost $30,000 in compensatory funding last year and will lose this year again because our eligibility percent has dropped. If you are the parent of a child and know you may meet the eligibility requirements of the program, please fill them out and return them to the school or see the Superintendent. The forms are confidential and it does not mean you need to take advantage of what the form has to offer, but we still ask you to fill it out. It does affect our compensatory funding for our school, free or reduced meal money for kids, 0% interest on QZAB loans, reduced phone and internet bills for our school, Title 1 funding, Federal funding, computer, technology and equipment grants, and learning materials. At the beginning of the year or anytime during this year, we ask parents or custodial parents to fill out the free and reduced request forms.

Riding the Bus
There have been a few questions about students riding a school bus. Minnesota Law governs the Transportation by the school district as a privilege and not a right for an eligible student. A student’s eligibility to ride a school bus may be revoked for a violation of school bus safety or conduct policies, or violation of any other law governing student conduct on a school bus pursuant to the school district’s discipline policy. Revocation of a student’s bus riding privilege is not an exclusion, expulsion, or suspension under the Pupil Fair Dismissal Act.

We would like to welcome everyone back to a new school year. Win-e-Mac has some terrific activities for this fall for everyone to attend. Football and Volleyball activities taking place nightly with junior high and senior high students.

We want every child to have a positive experience in the sport they choose to participate so we must model and support our athletes with respect and good sportsmanship. We also want everyone to be able to enjoy our student participation in the high school league activities.
“Go Patriots”