District Testing Calendars

Win-E-Mac Testing Calendar and Procedures

2020 ~ 2021

The Win-E-Mac School is preparing for spring testing, with the testing window to be open for MCA Math, Reading and Science from March 5th through May 5th. Please check the times and dates for your student(s) and have them prepared for the testing days necessary. Please make every attempt to have your student(s) here on the dates they are scheduled to test. If they MUST be absent (please, no scheduled dental or doctor appointments), let the teaching staff or administration know as soon as possible. The time expected to complete the assessments will vary between 1-3 hours per session. Students should plan to be in school prior to the testing date for test preparation ~ as determined by the classroom or core teachers.

For Win-E-Mac Students, the following schedule has been made for 2020-21:



Grade Level

NWEA Assessments

As Discretionary ~ conducted in the fall, winter and/or spring

Grades K-4

ACT Testing

March 26th

Grade 11

MCA III Reading

March 10, 11

Grades 8 & 10

MCA III Reading

March 17, 18

Grades 6 & 7

MCA III Reading

April 1, 2

Grades 3 – 5


April 8, 9

Grades 3-5


April 14, 15

Grades 6-8 & 11

MCA Science testing will be conducted during regular classroom periods for grades 5, 8 and 10.

Students participating in the MTAS assessments, they will be given as arranged by the special education teaching and paraprofessional staff.

Assessment results (final) will be posted on the Minnesota Report Card, with the ISR’s (Individual Student Results) to be shared at the fall conferences with parents.