Fitness Center

About the Fitness Center

The Win-E-Mac Fitness Center is open to the public anytime except from 8:00 to 3:30 during school days, and during select functions in the Arts & Event Center outside of that time. Performances in the theater would be an example of this.

You must renew your card ($20) before every school year. All cards not renewed will be turned off after September 15th.

Membership Agreement

Membership Agreement

Print and complete the below membership agreement and bring it to the Win-E-Mac school office with your payment of $20.

The membership agreement may also be mailed to the school at the address in the footer of this page. Payment may also be submitted online using PaySchools.

Fitness Center Rules

In order to make using this fitness center the best experience for everyone, we would like to emphasize a few rules (in addition to the rules noted in the agreement above).

  1. You must use clean gym shoes only inside.
  2. If you prop the door open or open the windows, you must close them when you leave.
  3. Occupancy to the fitness center does not allow you to enter any other part of the school.
  4. The lockers in the changing rooms across the hall are not meant for permanent storage.
  5. Whatever you use, put it away. If you make a mess, clean it up.

Failure to follow these rules will result in your card being deactivated.