School board members are elected during the November General Election on even years. Members are elected for a four-year term with either three or four members elected. All board members are elected at-large.

This year's general election shall be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. At this election, three (4) members will be elected to the School Board for terms of four (4) years each.

A special election shall be held in conjunction with the general election to be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 for the purpose of filling a vacancy in the term of School Board Member expiring the first Monday in January, 2019.

The candidates for the 2016 elections are listed below in alphabetical order.

School Board Member Candidates (vote for up to 4 for 4 year terms each

Shannon Brekke - 1034 votes - Elected for a 4 year term

Jason Carlson - 1119 votes - Elected for a 4 year term

Jim Ferden - 1069 votes - Elected for a 4 year term

Anita Roy - 637 votes

Sarah Strom - 1094 votes - Elected for a 4 year term

School Board Member to Fill Vacancy in Term Expiring January, 2019 - Vote for 1

Jim Tadman - 1431 votes - Elected for a 2 year term

Questions may be directed to Ann Vesledahl at avesledahl@win-e-mac.k12.mn.us

Win-E-Mac School District is required to publish financial reports from any committee or candidate. These reports will remain available on the school web site for 4 years. M.S.211A.02

2014 School Board Candidates
Melissa Smeby - Campaign Financial Report
Travis Kolden - Campaign Financial Report
Bernie Marshall - Campaign Financial Report

2016 School Board Candidates
Shannon Brekke - Campaign Financial Report
Jason Carlson - Campaign Financial Report
Jim Ferden - Campaign Financial Report
Anita Roy - Campaign Financial Report
Sarah Strom - Campaign Financial Report
Jim Tadman - Campaign Financial Report

Contact: Ann Vesledahl