School Health

State Immunization Requirements

Per Minnesota State Law, a child may not be admitted to any school or child development program without a valid Immunization Record or a signed AND notarized exemption form.

Current Immunization requirements are:
Birth through age 4: Hepatitis A(2 doses)

Hepatits B(3 doses)
DtaP/DT(4 doses)
Polio(3 doses)
MMR(1 dose)
Hib(1 dose)
Pneumococcal(4 doses)-not required after 24 months of age
Varicella(1 dose)

Kindergarten: Hepatitis B(3 doses)

DtaP/DT(5 doses)
Polio(4 doses)
MMR(2 doses)
Varicella(2 doses)

1st through 6th grade: Hepatitis B(3 doses)

DtaP/DT(3 doses)
Polio(3 doses)
MMR(2 doses)
Varicella(2 doses)

7th through 12th grade: Hepatitis B(3 doses)

Tdap(1 dose)
Polio(3 doses)
MMR(2 doses)
Meningococcal(1 dose)

If your child does not have the required immunizations, please contact your health care provider or Polk County Public Health (218-280-3385).

Contact: Heidi Strom