All medication must be delivered to the main office by the child's parent or legal guardian. All medication must be maintained in the school office. It is against School District Policy for a child to carry ANY medication on their person without prior approval. Any student carrying medication on them will have the Meds taken away and parent or guardian will be called. For the safety of every child in the school we want to make sure that no medications get in the wrong hands. Medication needed on field trips is also covered by this policy and must be administered by a trained adult.
For your child's safety please remember:

    Absolutely no medication will be given without a signed Medication Administration Form by the Doctor and Parent/Guardian.
    School staff may not administer the first dose of any medication. (Student should be monitored by parent for possible side effects following initial dose). All prescription medication must be administered as labeled and over the counter medications may not exceed package directions.
    ALL MEDICATION MUST BE IN THE ORIGINAL CONTAINER. No medication will be given from zip-lock bags or envelopes.
    If your child forgets to take a morning dose of medication, school staff is not allowed to give that dose at school. Parents may come to the school to give the missed dose.
    Parents are requested to notify the school of any serious health issues that their child may have.

Contact: Heidi Strom