Testing Calendar

February 13 ~ NWEA K-2 Winter Assessments Begin

March 5, 2018 ~ MCA Reading Grades 3-8, 10 Online Assessment Opens

        MCA Math Grades 3-8, 11 Online Assessment Opens
        MCA Science Grades 5, 8, 10 Online Assessment Opens
        MTAS Reading, Math and Science Opens
May 4, 2018 ~ MCA Online Assessment Closes for MCA Math, Reading and all MTAS Assessments.
May 11, 2018 ~ MCA Science Assessment Closes for all grades.

Win-E-Mac School Testing Calendar: (Changes may become necessary, and will be updated as they occur):

MTAS Assessments will be administered by the Win-E-Mac Special Education staff and will be given throughout a period of several days and at the individual pace of the students.

MCA Assessments are administered to all regular education students at the times / dates specified below. If you are unable to be present for testing, please be sure to make arrangements with your teacher PRIOR to your test date.

March 27 MCA - Reading Grade 10
March 28 MCA Reading Grade 10

April 3 MCA Reading Grades 7/8
April 4 MCA Reading Grades 7/8

April 17 MCA Reading Grades 3-6
April 18 MCA Reading Grades 3-6
April 24 MCA Math Grade 11
April 25 MCA Math
MCA Math
Grade 11
Grades 3-6
April 26 MCA Math Grades 3-6

May 1 MCA Math Grades 7/8
May 2 MCA Science Grade 5
May 3 MCA Math Grades 7/8
May 4 MCA Science Grade 10

May 7 MCA Science Grade 8
May 8 MCA Science Grade 8

Contact: Kevin McKeever, Melanie Nelson